Good links to explore

The Session - a good place to find a lot of traditional tunes, mostly Celtic, with history and sheet music for many of them.

The Traditional Tune Archive (TTA) (formerly Fiddler's Companion) - a descriptive index of North American and British Isles music for the folk violin and other instruments.

Fiddler Magazine - a journal dedicated to fiddlers and accompanists, filled with useful information about style, history, technique tidbits. It also features several transcriptions of tunes in each issue.

Southwest Strings - an online store where you can buy stringed instrument supplies and music.

Elderly Music - no, it's not just for's a good place to get instruments and music stuff online.

DanceData - this site is an invaluable resource for Scottish country dance musicians and teachers. Look up which tunes go with what dances, see who recorded tunes for dances, and other very useful information.

Music Dictionary Online - a great resource for all kinds of information about all kinds of music and theory. There is enough useful information on this website to keep you distracted for weeks. Have fun!

Shar Music - another online store for stringed instrument supplies and music.

An Educational Guide to Musical Instruments - find out about all kinds of instruments, and learn some theory.

Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) - a wonderful organization that supports traditional dance music, especially with roots in English and North American culture. - the home of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society main website.

Sun Assembly - my home English country dance community, based in Durham, North Carolina.

The Colonial Music Institute - contains a wealth of information about early American music and dance. It links to a great repository of online databases for English and American country dances.

RSCDS-Carolinas Branch - the home page of the Carolinas Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

J. Scott Skinner recordings - the University of Aberdeen has a great website containing links to many of the great Scottish fidder's recordings made between 1910 and 1922.